About Tory

Based in Belfast, Tory is our Northern Ireland special yoga lead. She has worked with adults with learning disability and autism since 2008 and has been part of Special Yoga since 2015. She has experience of sharing yoga with children and adults who have a wide range of additional needs. Tory is passionate about sharing the many benefits of yoga, meeting each person where they are at and helping them move towards their potential. She feels drawn to the energetic connection of working 1:1 with individuals, especially those who have more complex needs. As well as working 1;1, Tory loves offering family sessions, when appropriate, and witnessing how the shared experience can encourage the development of a regular home practice. Also, with her background in working with adults with LD, Tory loves sharing chair and mat yoga with this population. Tory feels special yoga is a joy to share, and a privilege to witness people connect deeply with themselves.

Tory's Training

Tory started practising yoga in 1997 when she was a student. Since then she has experienced a variety of different yoga teachers and styles. In 2015 she discovered Special Yoga and began her training and connection with the organisation, bringing her learning back to Belfast to share with children and adults there with additional needs. Tory has completed all Special Yoga training courses including Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children, and maintains her continued professional development with Jyoti and the team at Special Yoga. She has also completed her 200hr YTT and Teen Yoga Teacher Training. Tory is an accredited Senior Practitioner and Mentor for Special Yoga.
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Tory's Work with Children


for Tory's work

“Tory has taken 1 to 1 sessions in our sensory room over a few weeks. She is amazing, so talented, understanding of sensory needs and learning difficulties. All parents are singing her praises.”


“Archie had his first session with Tory today, to say it was amazing is an understatement... Archie came alive in his session, he was calm, had increased eye contact and vocal communication. He loved his session! As a parent of a child with multiple and complex needs, this was so beautiful to watch. Thank you!”

Archie's parents

“Tory is wonderful. She is a very experienced Yogi, which is important, but she brings so much more to her work. She spent time doing yoga with my son in a small group setting. It was especially for ASD children, and though the group was very small, they all had quite different needs. Tory was able to engage them all and it was an activity that my son wanted to stay with. That is very unusual for him. Her gentle, open and child centred approach offered my son some calm and relief from what can be a daily struggle with anxiety/heightened emotions and sensory overload”


“Tory has such a soothing and positive influence on the children she teaches. She is very attuned to a child’s specific needs, and is so attentive and intuitive during her sessions. Beautiful yoga by an amazing teacher”

Belfast Trust Paediatric Physio