This course is one of a series developed by Jyoti Manuel

Jyoti has led the path in the UK for the delivery of therapeutic yoga for children with special and additional needs.

It is with great humility and gratitude that we invite you to experience the teaching of Special Yoga. Having been blessed to share yoga with thousands of children with Autism and/or ADHD all over the world we have witnessed it’s extraordinary power to help us truly reach our full potential over and over again. That potential is not only physical, but also mental, emotional, physiological, energetic, neurological and spiritual. Through the practice of Special Yoga we want children to gain the most strength and balance they can in every way, to release their fears and to achieve what they have come into this life and this body to do. Yoga gives them this opportunity. Yoga, when practised in a therapeutic way, helps us to manage our emotions, increase our concentration, and maintain attention. It is a lifelong practice for developing inner peace and calm.


Your Foundation

This Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD foundation level course introduces you to the Special Yoga methodology, teaches you accessible practices and adaptations to begin to teach children with Autism and/or ADHD. After taking this course you will be able to take a short bridging course before progressing to our Special Yoga for Special Children Level One training. In this you which will build on the knowledge and skills you have learned here which may lead to accreditation as a Special Yoga Practitioner. You can read more about our complete training programme on our home page.


The Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD for Special Children Foundation course

Right from the start of our foundation course you will be guided through highly effective and accessible strategies for integrating the remedial advantages of the Special Yoga methodology into the lives of children with special and additional needs Autism and ADHD. On our courses you will learn the three different aspects of the Special Yoga methodology taught using a variety of tools with mentor and community support throughout


Learn how your state matters

The underpinning of Special Yoga is offering practices to support your emotional and energetic state and bring the best to the children. Our state matters. When we are able to regulate and calm ourselves and develop self care, understanding and compassion, we are more able to deeply ‘listen’ to the children. Understanding how to support their behaviours as an expression of their needs creates new channels of healthy and more peaceful communication and allows us to more fully support them. As we change our inner landscape we offer them the potential to change and flourish.


ASANA - using deeply effective postures and movements

At Special Yoga we offer a few simple but very effective postures and movements that support the children’s sensory, physical, physiological and emotional needs. Our therapeutic and accessible programme teaches you to use the practices therapeutically, giving the children a sensory diet and supporting their needs. This modules shares a basic understanding of sequencing and finding appropriate and useful adaptations for the children.


BREATHWORK - engaging the breath to regulate and calm

Pranayama (breathwork) is one of the eight limbs of yoga. Being aware of our breath and learning how to manage and use help us to develop some of the most powerful practices for self regulation and calm. This modules shares varying profound and simple breath practices for ourselves and for the children to support emotional regulation and wellbeing.


SOUND & SONG - using the vibration of sound to calm the nervous system

The value of sound is becoming more fully understood. Sound is a vibration and can be used to calm the nervous system and alleviate symptoms of anxiety. It can help to regulate the breath and bring the child into the present moment. This modules also teaches you how to use the vibration of sound and rhythm to improve the child's concentration, motor planning and motor coordination.


RELAXATION - help the child(ren) drop into the deepest place of relaxation

Our intention at Special Yoga is to help the child(ren) drop into the deepest place of relaxation. This module looks at different pathways to enhance the possibility for the child to relax and calm. This is where the brain and body is at its optimum state for our learning and potential.


MINDFULNESS - managing and accepting our human emotions

This module offers a variety of mindfulness practices that both support our self care and also offer different ways for the child to understand what is happening when they become overwhelmed with strong emotions. For us and the child to Learn how to kindly and compassionately manage ourselves during these times are valuable lessons for life.


MASSAGE & ENERGY - enhancing the wellbeing of children with special needs

This module will offer a variety of massage techniques that we have learned and used at Special Yoga to enhance the wellbeing of children with special needs. These are not full modules in any specific modality but will offer a variety of basic massage and energy practices that help to regulate and support the autonomic nervous system and bring balance and peace to body and mind. Learning how to work with the energy body supports our wellbeing.


WORKING WITH THE FEET - to open up the body

You can undo a lot of the body tensions through the feet. Some children with autism are toe walkers. By working through their feet, we can enhance their health and vitality as well as invite a connection to the ground through the complete sole of the foot to bring improved balance and embodiment.


Discover how different practices can be adapted for different children

These adaptation modules will give you keys to the different pathways of practice for children in different place on the huge spectrum of autism. You will learn how to tailor the practices to meet the individual needs of each child to support their health and wellbeing.


This course will be taught using a variety of tried and tested methods:

--- 2 live teaching webinars with Jyoti and the Special Yoga Team -- ------ 2 live study group webinars with the Special Yoga Team ------ ---------- Self study with video, audio and written materials ----------- ------------------ 4 one to one mentor support sessions ------------------- --------------------- an online course community space --------------------- --------------------- regular quizzes and assignments ----------------------


Our courses begin by giving access to pre-course materials enabling you to begin your inner work before the opening webinar. Between the webinars and study groups you'll have one to one calls with your mentor who will support your journey with Special Yoga.

  • Various pre-course self study materials are available from 30th August.

  • The opening teaching webinar will be held on Saturday 10th October between 3.00pm - 5.30pm and the closing webinar on Saturday 16th January between 3.00pm - 5.00pm

  • The live study group webinars will be held on Saturday 14th November and Saturday 12th December both between 2.00pm - 5.00pm. These study groups give you the opportunity to work with other students and a mentor putting into practice what you have learnt so far.


Yoga experience is not required.

This training has been designed in a way that occupational therapists, school teachers and staff, parents, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, trainee yoga teachers or anyone interested in exploring Special Yoga will find it accessible. You will be individually supported throughout by one of our Senior Practitioners in one to one mentoring sessions. No prior experience of yoga is required just an open heart and mind and passion to work with these very special children.


When you take a course with Special Yoga you can be confident that our approach to training, our practice methodology and the years of experience we have of delivering training will leave you well equipped to teach and support children with special and additional needs in a variety of settings.

  • Parents - This course offers the opportunity for parents to have the pathways to work with their own child and support them to reach their potential, manage their emotional, physical and physiological wellbeing.

  • Teachers - This course offers skills that teachers can use in the classrooms to enhance the child's potential to learn. It will also empower you with tools to improve your own mental and emotional health as well as the mental and emotional health of the children and supporting staff.

  • Therapists - This course supports the emotional wellbeing of therapists as well as giving them extensive skills that they can use within their therapeutic settings.

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