The Special Yoga Flagship Course

The course was developed by Jyoti Jo Manuel who has led the path in the UK for the delivery of therapeutic yoga for children with special and additional needs for many years. As a participant, you will be guided through highly effective and accessible strategies for integrating the remedial advantages of the Special Yoga methodology into the lives of children with special and additional needs. With these skills you will have the ability to tailor this therapeutic intervention in various settings to the specific needs of the child or group you support. This comprehensive course is appropriate for sharing yoga with all children and young people with special and additional needs, including children with autism and ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, PMLD and other learning, developmental and physical challenges.

Course Structure

6 live webinars and 28 modules of online learning

This course will be taught using both the modular content you'll find here and six live webinars with Jyoti and the Senior Special Yoga team. All of the modules contain multiple lessons.
Dates for the webinars are:

  • Thursday 28th May to open the course, 
  • mid course webinars on Thursday 25th June, Thursday 23rd July, Thursday 24th September, Thursday 22nd October and then on 
  • Wednesday 18th  November to close the course.
  • All webinars will take place between 7.00 and 9.00pm

You will be awarded a Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the course and a demonstration of the knowledge you have gained throughout the course and it's practical application. This can be by submitting a film of you working with children using the Special Yoga practices you have learned or by having a mentor attend a class you are leading.

Lead Teacher

Jyoti Jo Manuel


Founder of Special Yoga, passionate about the healing potential of a therapeutic yoga, mind, body, breath practice for children with special or additional needs

Course Content

Click on the + symbol, then click on 'Overview' and you'll see a brief description of what you'll be learning in each module

  • 1


    • A message from Jyoti

    • Before we begin...

    • IMPORTANT - How to navigate this course

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Course Schedule

    • Course Assignments

    • Mentors and Study Groups

    • Study Resources

  • 2

    Webinar Recordings

    • Webinar 25th May Recording

    • Webinar 25th June Recording

    • Webinar 25th July Recording

  • 3

    Study Group Breakout Recordings 25th May

    • Christine's Group

    • Tory's Group

    • Daniella's Group

    • Katy's Group

    • Francesca's Group

    • Karuna's Group

    • Claire's Group

  • 4

    Module One: Introduction to Special Yoga as a Practitioner

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Heart Meditation

    • Heart Meditation to Download

    • Lesson 2: Introducing the Practice

    • Lesson 3: Introduction to the Principles of Our Practice

    • Lesson 4: Special Yoga Precepts and Self Learning

    • Lesson 5: Self Care

    • Lesson 6: Gratitude

    • Lesson 7: Affirmations

    • Lesson 8: The Impact of Our Inner Thoughts

    • Lesson 9: Deep Listening

    • Lesson 10: Communication - Our Basic Needs

  • 5

    Module Two: Introduction to Special Yoga for the Children

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Practising With the Children

    • Lesson 2: Managing Behaviours

    • Lesson 3: What are we Trying to 'Achieve' With the Children

    • Lesson 4: The Grounding and Soothing Yoga Practice

    • Lesson 5: Preparing the Practice

    • Lesson 6: Sensory Processing Systems

    • Lesson 7: Yoga as a Sensory Diet

    • Lesson 8: Polyvagal Theory - Autism

  • 6

    Module Three: Pranayama

    • Overview and Disclaimer

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Breath

    • Lesson 2: Introduction to Your Breath Q&A

    • Lesson 3: Our Breath

    • Lesson 4: Reverse Breathing

    • Lesson 5: Entrainment

    • Lesson 6: Ujjayi Breathing

    • Lesson 7: How to Support the Child to Breathe

    • Lesson 8: Touch Supported Breath

    • Lesson 9: Touch Supported Breath Supine

    • Lesson 10: Touch Supported Breath Supine Practice

    • Lesson 11: Touch Supported Breath From Prone

    • Lesson 12: Touch Supported Breath From Sitting

    • Lesson 13: Touch Supported Breath From Standing. Questions.

    • Lesson 14: Breath and Touch Q&A

    • Lesson 15: Pressure Points to Assist Breathing

    • Lesson 16: Movement and Posture to Support Breathing

    • Lesson 17: Breathing Through the Nose

    • Lesson 18: Breath Practices

    • Lesson 19: Coherent Breathing From Sitting

    • Lesson 20: Up and Down Coherent Breathing

    • Lesson 21: Breath Ratios 4-6-6-2

    • Lesson 22: Breath Ratios 4-6

    • Lesson 23: Breath Ratios Three Part Breathing

    • Lesson 24: Kapalabhati Breathing

    • Lesson 25: Bhastrika Breathing

    • Lesson 26: Alternate Nostril Breathing

    • Lesson 27: HA Breath for ADHD

    • Lesson 28: HA Breath for Energy Release

    • Lesson 29: Heart HA Breath

  • 7

    Module Four: Singing and Sound

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: What Happens When we Sing

    • Lesson 2: The Sound of OM

    • Lesson 3: Rhythm and Mantras

    • Lesson 4: Basic Rhythm with Simple Sanskrit Sounds

    • Lesson 5: Mantra and Movement

    • Lesson 6: Singing Bowls

    • Lesson 7: Closing Chants

  • 8

    Module Five: Relaxation

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Deep Relaxation

    • Lesson 2: Relaxation Practices

    • Lesson 3: Coming out of Relaxation

    • Lesson 4: Yoga Nidra

  • 9

    Module Six: Postures

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Asanas

    • Lesson 2: The Postures

    • Lesson 3: Forward Bends

    • Lesson 4: Sitting Positions

    • Lesson 5: Prone Positions

    • Lesson 6: Postures on Hands, Knees and/or Feet

    • Lesson 7: Supine Poses

    • Lesson 8: Standing Poses

    • Lesson 9: Balances

    • Lesson 10: Inversions

    • Lesson 11: Eye Exercises

    • Lesson 12: Sequencing

  • 10

    Module Seven: Massage and Energy Medicine

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Touch

    • Lesson Two: Importance of Massage

    • Lesson Three: Acupressure

    • Lesson Four: Indian Head Massage

    • Lesson Five: Tapping

    • Lesson Six: Shaking

    • Lesson Seven: Energy Medicine

    • Lesson Eight: Energy Medicine for Immunity

    • Lesson Nine: Elemental Energy

  • 11

    Module Eight: Mindfulness

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: What is Mindfulness?

    • Lesson 2: Learning What It Is To Be Human

    • Lesson 3: Managing Our Emotions for Us And The Children

    • Lesson 4: Planting Seeds

    • Lesson 5: Mindful Practices for Children

    • Lesson 6: Tips for Mindfulness with Lorraine Murray

  • 12

    Module Nine: Teaching in Groups

  • 13

    Module Ten: Working with the Feet

    • Overview


    • Lesson 2: OBSERVING THE FOOT


    • Lesson 4: THE POWER OF THE FEET

  • 14

    Module Eleven: Adolescence

  • 15

    Module Twelve: Aspergers Syndrome

    • Overview

    • Lesson

    • Lesson

  • 16

    Module Thirteen: ADHD

  • 17

    Module Fourteen: Atypical Autism and PDA

  • 18

    Module Fifteen: Girls with Autism

  • 19

    Module Sixteen: Profound Autism

  • 20

    Module Seventeen: Sensory Processing Disorder

  • 21

    Module Eighteen: Children with Autism in Mainstream

  • 22

    Module Nineteen: OCD

  • 23

    Module Twenty: Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

  • 24

    Module Twenty One: Hemiplegia

    • Overview

  • 25

    Module Twenty Two: Ataxic and Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

  • 26

    Module Twenty Three: PMLD - Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

  • 27

    Module Twenty Four: Visual Impairment

  • 28

    Module Twenty Five: Hearing Impairment

  • 29

    Module Twenty Six: Down Syndrome

  • 30

    Module Twenty Eight: Other Diagnoses

The Special Yoga Path

Becoming an Accredited Practitioner

For Accreditation as a Special Yoga Practitioner you would need to take all of the modules, attend three live webinars with Jyoti and her senior team and demonstrate that you have learned and understood our methodology. This can be by submitting a film of you working with children using the Special Yoga practices you have learned or by having a mentor attend a class you are leading. Included in the Accreditation Training is Mentor support from a Special Yoga Senior Practitioner and Mentor. As a training centre of excellence we offer a practitioner development programme for those who wish to be registered with Special Yoga. This will be open to students who complete this Special Yoga for Special Children flagship course followed by Special Yoga for Special Children Level Two.

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