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Jyoti Jo Manuel - Founder of Special Yoga

It is with great humility and gratitude that we invite you to experience the teaching of Special Yoga. This course aims to give you an understanding and experience of yoga and mindfulness to support your work with children. Over the many years of being blessed to share yoga with thousands of children with autism and/or ADHD all over the world, what I see over and over is the extraordinary power of yoga that allows us to truly reach our full potential. That potential is not only physical, but also mental, emotional, physiological, energetic, neurological and spiritual. Through the practice of Special Yoga we want children to gain the most strength and balance they can in every way, to release their fears and to achieve what they have come into this life and this body to do. Yoga gives them this opportunity. Yoga, when practised in a therapeutic way, helps us to manage our emotions, increase our concentration, and maintain attention. It is a lifelong practise for developing inner peace and calm. The practice of yoga strengthens anatomical and neurological structures, balances the nervous system and as such is inherently healing.
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about Supporting Young People with Autism.

Course Structure

4 live webinars, 16 modules plus Mentor Support from our Senior Team. We have been delivering this training in person since 2009 both in the UK and around the world to parents, paediatric professionals, teachers, SEN support, yoga teachers and therapists. The consistent feedback is how well the children and young people are doing after practising. We are aware that all children are unique and in offering this comprehensive toolbox we trust that you will find the best pathway for each individual child to benefit from the practice. You will need to submit a film of you working with children applying the Special Yoga methodology you have learned or have a mentor attend a class you are leading to complete the certification.

  • We begin with a live webinar to open the course. This will be between 10.00am - 12.00pm on 21st May.

  • Following the webinar the first block of modules will be made available for home study. These will include specific practices covering a range of techniques useful for Autistic and ADHD populations in general. A webinar will follow on Thursday 18th June between 7.00 and 9.00pm

  • To introduce the second block of modules there will be a third webinar on Thursday 17th September between 7.00 - 9.00pm. These next modules shows how to adapt the foundation practices when working with different populations within the autistic spectrum. These are also for home study.

  • We then close with a fourth live webinar - choose either 7.00 - 9.00pm on Wednesday 11 November or 10.00am -12.00pm on Thursday 19th November.

  • During the course you will receive mentor support from one of our Special Yoga senior practitioners.

Course Content

Click on the + symbol, then click on 'Overview' and you'll see a brief description of what you'll be learning in each module

  • 1


    • A Message From Jyoti

    • Before you begin...

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Webinar Recordings

    • Webinar 12th May Recording

    • Webinar 21st May Recording

    • Webinar 18th June Recording

  • 3

    Module One: Introduction

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Introducing the Practice

    • Lesson 2: What are We Trying to 'Achieve' With the Children

    • Lesson 3: Special Yoga Precepts and Self Learning

    • Lesson 4: The Grounding and Soothing Yoga Practice

    • Lesson 5: Yoga as a Sensory Practice

    • Lesson 5: Sensory Processing Systems

    • Lesson 7: Self-Care

    • Lesson 8: 'In the Moment' Tools

    • Lesson 9: Deep Listening

    • Lesson 10: Preparing the Practice

    • Lesson 11: Examples of Practices

    • Heart Meditation to Download

    • Study Resources

    • Course Schedule

    • Mentor Groups

    • Assignments

    • Study Groups

  • 4

    Module Two: The Breath and Energy System

    • Overview and Disclaimer

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Breath

    • Lesson 2: Introduction to Your Breath Q&A

    • Lesson 3: Our Breath

    • Lesson 4: Reverse Breathing

    • Lesson 5: Entrainment

    • Lesson 6: How to Support the Child to Breathe

    • Lesson 7: Touch Supported Breath

    • Lesson 8: Touch Supported Breath From Sitting

    • Lesson 9: Touch Supported Breath From Standing & Q's

    • Lesson 10: Breath and Touch Q&A

    • Lesson 11: Pressure Points to Assist Breathing

    • Lesson 12: Breathing Through the Nose

    • Lesson 13: Coherent Breathing From Sitting

    • Lesson 14: Breath Ratios 4-6

    • Lesson 15: Breath Ratios Three Part Breathing

    • Lesson 16: HA Breath for ADHD

    • Lesson 17: HA Breath for Energy Release

  • 5

    Module Three: Singing and Sound

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: What Happens When we Sing

    • Lesson 2: The Sound of AUM

    • Lesson 3: Basic Rhythm with Simple Sanskrit Sounds

    • Lesson 4: Mantra and Movement

  • 6

    Module Four: Deep Relaxation

    • Overview

    • Lesson 1: Deep Relaxation

    • Lesson 2: Relaxation Practices

    • Lesson 3: Coming out of Relaxation

  • 7

    Module Six: Massage and Energy Medicine

    • Overview

    • Lesson One: Touch

    • Lesson Two: Importance of Massage

    • Lesson Three: Acupressure

    • Lesson Four: Energy Medicine

  • 8

    Module Seven: Mindfulness

    • Overview

  • 9

    Module Eight: Working with Groups

    • Overview

  • 10

    Module Nine: Aspergers Syndrome

    • Overview

  • 11

    Module Ten: ADHD

    • Overview

  • 12

    Module Eleven: Atypical Autism and Pathological Demand Aversion (PDA)

    • Overview

  • 13

    Module Twelve: Girls with Autism

    • Overview

  • 14

    Module Thirteen: Profound Autism

    • Overview

  • 15

    Module Fourteen: Sensory Processing Disorder

    • Overview

  • 16

    Module Fifteen: Children with Autism in Mainstream

    • Overview

  • 17

    Module Sixteen: OCD

    • Overview

Special Yoga Accreditation

Become an Accredited Special Yoga Practitioner for Autism

For Certification as a Special Yoga Practitioner for Autism and ADHD you would need to take all of the modules and attend two live webinars with Jyoti and her senior team. Included in the Accreditation Training is Mentor support from a Special Yoga Senior Practitioner and Mentor. You will also need to submit a film of your work with children using the Special Yoga practices you have learned or have a mentor attend a class you are leading. After satisfactory completion of the course you'll receive a Special Yoga certificate and also be included on our list of Accredited Practitioners for Autism.

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The consistent feedback from past course particpants is how well the children and young people are doing after practising

“This course will help every individual who helps/works with/lives with Autism. So interesting and eye opening”

Becca, Early Years SEN TA

“I have really enjoyed the course and learnt about applying the practice with children and young people with ASC. Fab! Very sad it ended!”

Lisa, Learning Disability Nurse, CAMHS Team

“ It really was a wonderful course, packed full of so much useful information. I teach 8 special needs children in a mainstream school. Today's sessions were brilliant, so so different to how they normally go”

Mary, SEN Teacher