Coming Together

Tuesday 26th May 10.00 - 11.30am

Over the past few months we've scoured days worth of film, re-constructed courses, hosted numerous webinars and worked with technology we didn't previously know existed. We've been humbled by how many people have given positive feedback and amazed by the potential of this new way of working. We are so excited to think that we now have a platform to bring together people from around the world, people who all share a passion to support special children everywhere to discover their true potential.
We've been amazed at how so many of you have continued to support your students through these difficult times. Using a number of different technologies you're safely 'joining' your students in their own homes giving much needed support and sometimes respite to parents and carers. We thought it would be great for you to share what you've been doing, to tell each other how your teaching methods have changed, how you've adapted your interaction with students when you can't physically be close to them.
lady relaxing with a cup of tea while she joins a Zoom conference on her laptop.

Join the Community

Our Special Yoga community page.

When you enroll to join this webinar you'll receive an email with the link to the Zoom chatroom next Tuesday the 26th. You'll be given access to our Special Yoga community page where you can share ideas, questions and more. And we'll use this page to let you know when free resources have become available and when new courses are about to launch.